savoir si on est goofy ou regular en snowboard

Goofy or Regular snowboard footer, how do I know which?

If you want to take up snowboarding, you must be able to answer this famous question: are you a goofy or regular footer? Don't panic, we will explain what goofy and regular mean and how to test to find out which one you are!


Goofy or Regular footer, what does this mean?

Discovering whether you are Goofy or Regular simply means finding out with which foot you lead when snowboarding: left or right foot and therefore in which direction you position yourself on the snowboard.

"Regular" footers place the left foot forward.

"Goofy" footers place the right foot forward.

This step is important as it defines which is your leading foot and consequently, all skiing and turn techniques are adapted accordingly.

Please note that regular footers are not necessarily left-handed and that regular footers are not necessarily right-handed. In actual fact, 75% of skiers are regular footers.


How do I know if I am a goofy or regular rider?

Technique no. 1: Gliding movement



Jump on a parquet floor or tiled floor and see which foot you naturally lead with.


Technique no. 2: The chair



Which foot do you instinctively use when climbing on a chair? The first foot you put on the chair is your leading foot.



Technique no. 3: The scooter

The foot you place on the scooter will be your leading foot.


test trotinette


In short, you are goofy (right foot in front) if you: glide with the right foot in front, use this foot as the supporting foot when climbing onto a chair or climbing stairs or if this is the leading foot on a scooter.


Testing is up to you!


Nonetheless, if once you are on your board and you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to swap round; there is no theoretical rule to define which foot is the leading foot. It is all a question of feeling.


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Philippe TIERCIN
Product manager