La montagne en Freeride WEDZE

Freeriding the mountains


Mountains are a vast playground just waiting to be explored. Freeriding will let you discover new sensations and magnificent landscapes. Ready for a safe initiation?


Do you know what freeride means? It simply means doing sports outside all established frameworks, without competition. When it comes to mountains, you just need to strap on you skis or snowboard and get off the beaten tracks (or slopes...) - that is freeriding.

What about safety, you may say? It is true that enthusiasm is not enough in the mountains. Good knowledge of the site and its dangers is crucial to stay safe. To do so, there is nothing like being accompanied by a guide or monitor to show you the way and help you discover the best spots while minimising risks.

Freeride: always in good company

No happy day in the mountains without friends or family. It's a good habit that may save your life: when lost or injured, if there are several of you, there will always be someone to warn emergency services or find the way back. It is critical when freeriding, because weather or terrain conditions may be difficult.


Freeride: safe discovery

You want to discover freeriding? Go explore new combes? Don't hesitate, find a guide! From gear to routes, the guides will give you the best advice and will keep you safe, even when it means turning back. With an experienced guide or monitor by your side, the joys of freeriding are at your fingertips. Ready to take the plunge?

Freerider's gear

Whether beginner or advanced, you have certainly heard this already: a good freerider is a freerider with good gear. Shovel, probe pole, avalanche transceiver and backpack will accompany you everywhere in your freeriding adventures. And if you feel like an explorer, crampons and an axe may be useful, as will a harness and a rope sometimes. As for the first aid kit, it is no burden, but you may be glad to have it with you someday…


Wed'ze's tip

For a freeride-specific first aid kit, focus on survival in cold conditions: a life blanket, a lighter, a Swiss army knife, an energy bar, in addition to the usual items to deal with minor injuries, always useful!


These small tips in mind and a guide by your side, all you have to do now is go explore the mountains and rock the pristine slopes. Ready for new sensations?


Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader