How to choose your snowboard boots?

A good pair of snowboarding boots should hold the foot effectively while providing good comfort. The boots should also be adapted to the type of snowboarding you do and your level. Follow the guide to find the ones you need.


bien choisir la taille de ses boots de snow




*Intermediate: Look for snowboard boots which are flexible, comfortable and forgiving.

*Advanced: Look for snowboard boots with good support, offering precision with speed.

*Expert: Look for snowboard boots with plenty of support and stiffness suited to the terrain you ride on:

- Speed and Freeride: rigid flex

- Park and jumps: medium flex





The size of your snowboard boots can be in mondopoint (cm) or in EU size (41, 42 etc). Here is a conversion table so you can find the size you need:





Fastening system



    A quick and easy adjustment system. Pull, lock and it's done thanks to thin laces and a quick tightening system.

    Molette Boots Snowboard


  • * BOA
    A very powerful system with cable and wheel.

    lacets snowboard


    A very quick and powerful system with cable and wheel with winder.

    lacets snowboard


    Fastening by individual zone for improved power and precision.

    lacets snowboard



    A very powerful system with cable and wheel + tibia rip-tab.

    Serrage rapide snowboard

Separate fastening

Some boots have separate fastening, ie the upper part and the lower part of the boot can be tightened separately for greater precision:

- tightening the bottom more offers greater support, tightening less offers greater comfort

- tightening the upper part more provides more rigidity to the boot (= increases the flex)


In short, to choose the boots that are right for you, keep in mind:

- your level and your style of snowboarding

- Warmth & comfort: cold, frictions and pression of the bindings

- Grip: The grip of the sole on the snow and on a frozen parking lot or on the board.

- Stiffness or flex: The stiffness (or flex) of the boots in the front (for frontside turns), in the back (for backside turns), but alos on the side for freestyling tricks and rotations.

- Hold: heel, foot, board control



my tip

Don't hesitate to pull the inner boot out when you try the boots on, and compare the different inner boots, they will teach you a lot on how well you will feel with them on when riding.

Have a good season!

Philippe TIERCIN
Product manager
Wed'ze's advice

The board you choose to ride will determine the fun you'll have on the snow and how easy it will be for you to improve your technique. Make sure you do the right choice by following our advice.