Comment choisir sa pratique de ski WEDZE

Choose your style of skiing

If I say skiing... What does this word make you think of? Most of the time, it refers to the practice of skiing... And yet it covers various practices, each with their specific characteristics and their followers. Whether you are a fan of speed, jumps or simply cruising, it's time to discover which type of practice is for you!

The mountain is vast and its terrain varied, so it's only natural that skiing has adapted to it. From perfectly prepared pistes to valleys filled with powdery snow, they are all good places to have fun and ski in your own way.

Do you like the feelings of glide and speed? I encourage you to give speed-carving a try, the ultimate on-piste discipline.
Linking turns as quickly as possible while carving the most perfect curve, enjoying the freshly packed snow and pushing your equipment to its limits will be your daily pleasures with this type of skiing. However, you must be very stable on your legs in order to control your speed and respect the safety of everyone else on the slopes.

If you simply like being in the mountains and enjoying the scenery, cruising is ideal.
Just take your skis and explore the resort while enjoying great downhill sensations. You can take the time to carve out some great curves, have fun and focus on a more gentle practice that lasts longer. Ideal for making skiing a source of endless enjoyment!

Do you love the great outdoors, nature and the rugged mountain landscape? Try freeride!
This practice is sure to bring out the adventurer in you! Get off the beaten track, go and explore the mountain off-piste, feel the full extent of your freedom in an endless landscape and make your mark in pristine snow; freeride gives you a whole new skiing experience.

You can easily give freeride a try under the watchful eye of a guide or ski instructor, whatever your level. Please note, this practice requires special equipment and perfect knowledge of the mountain! Never go off-piste alone and always find out about the state of the snow cover and the risk of avalanche.

If your thing is having fun while skiing, go for freestyle.
Halfpipe or slopestyle, it's all about having fun jumping, sliding, doing tricks and turns and getting on obstacles, and most of all, doing all of this your way.
This is the preferred practice of all those who love the sport for its playful side, to share time with friends, and push themselves to their limits. Easily accessible at any age with a proper introduction, you can do it almost anywhere in France with friends and with a smile! Once again, for your safety, be sure to assess your level to make sure that you are using suitable obstacles.

If you feel like giving all of these disciplines a go, then go for it and give them all a try! The important thing is to feel good and look out for your safety so that skiing can always remain a pleasure.


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