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tartiflette recipe by wed'ze

Ah, tartiflette… it is another reason to love skiing holidays no? Enjoy a taste of the holidays with Magalie's tartiflette recipe, straight from Reblochon country. Bon appetit!

keeping your feet warm when skiing with Wed'ze

Having cold feet can immediately ruin your day on the slopes. To keep your feet warm this winter, I have made a small list of things to consider. It's over to you!

wed'ze coloriage enfants cadeau 2016

Time to leave for the ski holiday, everyone is excited to get baxk to the slopes... But what if the weather is not nice, or what will you do when you're not skiing? Wed'ze has the solution for you: colouring!

bien choisir la taille de mon snowboard

You need to know what size to choose in order to choose a snowboard that is right for you. The size of your board will depend on your height, your weight, your level. Let us guide you on the path to the perfect board for you.

If you want to enjoy your time riding, you need a board that will match with you. So for you to know everything about the snowboards and make the right choice, let us unveil their secrets.

bien choisir les fixations de snowboard conseils wedze

In order to feel safe and enjoy your ride on your snowboard, every part matters: the board, the bindings and the boots. Check our advice on how to choose your snowboard bindings.

trouver la bonne taille pour vos chaussures de ski

Finding the right size for your ski boots will will determine how comfortable, confident and in control you will feel on your skis. Follow Wed'ze's advice to make the right choice.