Activities for each age group during snowy holidays

Heading off for a snowy holiday as a family and worrying if everyone will have fun? Discover our ideas for making the most snowy peaks at any age. So that you can quickly get to the part that you're interested in, we've organised our tips by age range!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

Depending on their age, children have different motivations. But don't worry, there are plenty of great experiences and good times to be had in winter sports and the surrounding area, whatever your child's age and motivation. Between skiing, hiking, tobogganing, raclette, snowmen, hot chocolate and so on, days in the mountains can only be full!

So that you can quickly get to the part that you're interested in, we've organised our tips by age range!

From 1 to 4 years old: first times and discovery

If your kid is aged between 1 and 4, it's most likely that this is going to be their first winter holiday in the mountains. You're finally getting to share with them the joy of playing in the snow!
Create a cousin for the famous Olaf, a much-loved character from Frozen (we're sure you've seen it at least once!), with a carrot for their nose and pebbles for buttons. Why not create a whole family of snow animals and fantastic creatures?

The littlest ones will have the time of their lives touching the snow, discovering the noises it makes under their feet, and seeing their surroundings covered in a white blanket. Plus, you can teach them about animals who adapt their fur colour, so that they can camouflage with this new landscape. Then, you can go hunting for paw tracks in the snow when you're out and about!

It's time to take on the
first sledging descents. Head for the slopes with the younger ones, or practice on a flat area.
Little adventurers, from 3-4 years, will be so proud of themselves when they get onto their gliding kit on their own! The perfect activity, sure to create some memorable laughs and giggles in the snow.

With around 3-4 year olds, depending on what they like, you can offer them the chance to take their first steps into skiing. Snowblades are a great first step in getting used to getting around with skies on your feet. Snow gardens are perfect for giving kids a fun introduction to moving over the snow. The magic carpet for getting uphill and little bells to ring along the descent will give them plenty of fun!
Plus, you'll get at least half an hour of peace!

Together, you can create endless memories for the years to come, plus you can give your kids "snow fever"!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

5 to 9 years old: their first bends and turns

Your kids are starting to get excited about skiing , they can take classes with the ESF (French School of Skiing) in groups, and they can perfect their bends and turns with parallel skis. Their lower centre of gravity and that fearless outlook typical of kids, allows them to quickly find their feet (or rather their skis) on the pistes. The bolder amongst them may even take on their first humps on the edges of the pistes.

Plus, we've got great news if your kids aren't fans of skiing but love board sports! They can take on snowboarding! Guided by a teacher, they'll quickly learn to stand upright on the board and glide down the pistes. A great feat to show off about back in the playground!


The weather isn't on your side, and you're looking for an indoor activity? Now is a great time to introduce your kids to ice skating! Ice rinks often have skating aids available for kids to push whilst they find their balance on their blades. Ski resorts often have outdoor, natural ice rinks which are perfect for kids who've already had some skating experience. You can even skate under the stars and enjoy the view over the mountains! Check out dance evenings or other events which are sometimes held on ice.

So, your day of skiing or fun in the snow, is over, but the kids are still full of energy. A good old snowball fight should help you convince them to come and settle down with a hot chocolate.

Need to keep the kids occupied for a few hours? Organise a snowman-building contest! Start off by asking them to draw snowmen, then to choose elements to decorate them with, either from in the house or outside. Carrots, pine cones, pebbles, pompoms, hats or sweets... The options are endless for creating snow masterpieces! Each little sculptor is rewarded after a vote of hands to choose the most original snowman.

Enjoy these last years of calm before the storm!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

From ages 10 to 14 (and older): thrill-seeking on the agenda

Your kids are comfortable on the snow, whether it's on skis or on a snowboard. I hope you're not faint of heart! They've reached the age where, in addition to challenging authority, they want to test their own limits. The good news is that you can suggest that they take lessons to learn to go off-piste and freestyle safely. However, your nerves are still going to be tested when they show you their tricks, either live from the snowpark or in videos!
Do you want to shake things up an suggest new activities for your teens and pre-teens? You're spoilt for choice!
Do your kids usually use scooters and try out tricks in the bowl? Test their skills on a snow scooter! The gliding sensations are similar, but the playing field is incomparable.

Do you want to see how you would fair as a Nordic tracker with your teens? Offer them a night in an igloo! These camps are organised by snowsport professionals and include a torch-lit snowshoe hike, dinner and evening entertainment around the camp-fire, etc. Whatever you fancy, you can choose the comfort level of your accommodation (some igloos are heated ;)). You can even learn to build an igloo!

An experience that will create incredible memories for the whole family!
On average, half of all people who come to the mountains in winter don't ski.

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

Are you looking for activities that the whole tribe can enjoy?

Travelling with kids of all ages, who all want to do different things? Organise a sledging course, that the little ones and the bigger ones can all join in with. By pairing them up by age, you can make sure that everyone has fun safely.

Strolls with or without snowshoes can be a great opportunity to organise a treasure hunt. Each child goes a little ahead to hide a toy, which is fairly large and visible, which can be found near the path, by the rest of the family. If they prefer, teens can hunt out geocaching tags, which are hidden along many hiking trails. The whole squad will be motivated for hours on end, will benefit from lots of fresh air, will discover wonderful snowy forests, and will only want one thing afterwards: to head out on another adventure!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays
Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

If you like dogs and would like to learn to drive a husky-pulled sleigh, this is for you. Discover the job of the musher, who drives their dog team. Little ones can stay warm in the sleigh with blankets, whilst older ones can have a troop of dogs and a sledge to drive. Watch out though, it's more energetic than you'd think! You can thank the dogs with some pets (after getting the all-clear from their owner) at the end of your adventure.

Cross-country skiing is an easy way of enjoying precious family time as everyone can go at their own pace, at their own level: whether you follow tracks with classic cross-country skiing, or try your hand at skating on more beaten sections of the piste... and everyone can enjoy the Nordic landscape over a picnic underneath the pine trees!

Now, you've got everything you need to plan winter mountain holidays that will be unforgettably wonderful for all the family! Make sure to share your ideas for keeping the whole family occupied in the comments below.

during car journeys...

Need something to keep the kids occupied in the car journey to the ski resort? Our graphic designers have created these colouring-in pictures that will delight your kids and make sure you enjoy peaceful travels!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays
Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

After all of your adventures in the snow, we'd say it's time for a sweet treat, wouldn't you?
an easy recipe that the kids can get involved with.

No need for ovens or hobs to make this recipe, we just advise that you prepare this tiramisu in advance for a sweet treat the next day.
The kids can easily get involved in assembling the tiramisu, creating a great opportunity to have fun in the kitchen together!

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays

To really make the most of the snow, your kids need to be kitted out properly!

Base layers, a fleece and a waterproof ski suit will be your best allies out in the snow, guaranteeing that your bundles of joy are protected from the elements! Of course, mittens, snow boots and a helmet are also highly recommended, for both warmth and safety. Wearing a helmet is highly recommended for skiing and snowboard alike. For snowboarding, wrist and back protection is recommended by schools.

You're ready to set out into the mountains! All you have to do now is have fun, together as a family.

Activities for all ages on snowy holidays



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