A new range of skis rich in experience!

A new range of men's skis
rich in experience!

In recent months, the ski design team certainly hasn’t been doing things by halves!
With the aim of meeting every skier’s needs, this range is made up of 7 women's skis and 7 men's skis developed by the product manager, engineer, designer and tester to get this product on the slopes this winter.

This new range is split into two main groups: the CROSS and the BOOST, which both include skis at the different practice levels.

The men's range is presented here.
👉To check out the women’s range, click here!"

Cross skis

At Wedze, “CROSS” skis are so called for their use on all snow (multi-purpose).
They were designed for skiing calmly on all snow slope surfaces, from the light morning powder to the packed afternoon snow. 

A new range of skis rich in experience!
men’s skis cross 150+ wedze

Skis cross 150+: “i feel good” 


Are you a beginner CROSSer looking for a stress-free, first successful skiing experience without falling?

The CROSS 150+ skis have been designed to provide maximum comfort and minimum effort when learning to ski. The transition from snow plough turn to parallel turn is the first real step for a skiing beginner and can be done gently with this extremely stable ski that is easy to launch.

men’s skis cross 550+ wedze

Skis cross 550+: “boarderline”


Are you a daredevil CROSSer with a little ski experience who wants to try out every slope whatever the snow conditions?

The CROSS 550+ skis are comfortable on all slopes as they adapt to every type of snow and give amazing ski comfort. They are ideal for advancing to a higher level!

men’s skis cross 950+ wedze

Skis cross 950+: “full steam ahead” 


Are you a daring, adventurous and sporty CROSSer?

Get your thighs ready because this snow bulldozer cuts through any slope with power and efficiency. Whether hard or packed, lumpy or wet, these skis master the snow taking big curves at high speed.

Boost skis

As their name states, Wedze “BOOST” skis pick up speed on freshly packed morning slopes.
With these skis, the idea is to learn or master carved turns with precision and to enjoy yourself at high speed!

A new range of skis rich in experience!
men’s skis boost 500 wedze

Skis boost 500: “enjoy your day” 


Are you more of a calm BOOSTer who simply wants to ski in confidence and enjoy a nice day on the slopes?

From your first turns, the BOOST 500 skis put you at ease to master and control the speed.
Stable and playful as you continue to advance, they give you maximum confidence for minimum commitment. 

men’s skis boost 580 wedze

Skis boost 580: “dynamic balance”


Are you a careful and meticulous BOOSTer who likes to apply themself in their tracks making good, clean turns?

The BOOST 580 skis let you experience the feeling of fluidity in curves and enjoy developing your skiing at your own pace.
Whether you want to develop your sliding turns or cut beautiful curves in carved turns, with these skis you remain in control.

men’s skis boost 900 wedze

Skis boost 900: “full speed” 


Are you a controlling BOOSTer looking for precision, power and speed on every turn?

The BOOST 900 skis are high-performing. You can vary the radius thanks to their full length wood core construction. The vertical side walls increase grip on hard snow, and the light slope rocker helps enter the turn. Acceleration is also extremely good when exiting the turn.

skis boost 980 st wedze

Skis boost 980 st: “connected ground”


More than just a good skier, are you a competitive BOOSTer up against the clock to achieve better performance?

Extremely accurate with only 66 mm at the waist, the BOOST 980 ST skis turn extremely short, with exceptional edge to edge speed.

Warning! For advanced skiers with a strong technical level!

With a ski range like this one, the Wedze team hopes to fulfil your every need to make the most of the slopes at your pace and enjoy yourself!



Wedze communications team and skiing enthusiast