7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

7 Tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers


Gone are the days when you were the centre of your children's lives… now you have young adults with you. And during the teenage years, you may find that they don't want to do what you are offering. The only problem is that going on holidays with you is not yet negotiable… and yet you want everyone to have a good ski holiday.

Here is our advice for keeping teenagers happy while you make the most of your holidays.


1 - Give them some sort of independence within the ski area

Adolescence is a period when your children begin to want to fend for themselves in preparation for flying the nest. Why not ask them if they want to manage their own schedule? The only rule could be that they tell you where they are going and when, and that they are back for meal times. Naturally, this rule needs to be adapted according to the age of your children. But it can be a way to show them that you trust them. And, ski resorts are small enough that you are still likely to bump into them during the day! They are happy, you can relax, everyone wins.


2 - Between 12 and 15 years old, the ski clubs are available for you to use

Too young to go skiing alone but too old to want to join you without complaining, your teen should be happy to find a group to go on the slopes with. What's more, they can make friends. To do this, you have several options: group ski lessons to help them improve or clubs for kids or teens that organise snow-related activities, not just skiing. This can be interesting if they are fed up with skiing (like any teenager that respects himself).

Bonus: your child rarely listens to your advice on improving their skiing technique? They will be happy to listen to their instructor, even if they give them the same tips. You will then be able to take them on pistes where you will have fun, without needing to coach them. They will be so proud to show you that they are better than you!

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

3 - Your teenager doesn't want to ski anymore

You ski, so, by definition, skiing is completely old hat (in the eyes of your teenager). Open up their horizons by asking them if they would like to try out freeride skiing or snowboarding. They can also have fun trying to do tricks on the modules that have been set up in the resorts. Ideally, get them to take lessons before starting and, of course, make sure they keep wearing their helmet even when they are out of sight... And because you need to make the most of the time you are with them, ask them if they want to be filmed so that they can show off their skills to their friends when they get back from holidays.

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

4 - Make them choose activities that you can do together

High-speed sledging, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or dog sledding, the resorts are always thinking up great new activities to do with the family. Going on holiday still provides opportunities to spend time together. And if you want your teenagers to come with you, make a list of all the things you like and ask them what are their top 5 activities from the list. Then draw lots for the activities that you are going to do during the week!

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

5 - Go on holiday with friends!

The more, the merrier! Why not go with some friends who, ideally, also have a teenager who gets along well with yours? You each rent a flat or chalet so that everyone has their own private space, and the kids can get together every day to ski or snowboard together. You make your daily life easier and your teenagers have a good time. You can also choose (and if this is the case, I take my hat off to you) to invite a friend of your child for the holidays. This should make each day easier. Just remember to organise the rental and entertainment budget with the parents.

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

6 - Go to the tourist information office of the ski resort

Sledging, fat bike or scooter parties on snow... The tourist information office of the resort you are going to is there to help you too. They organise treasure hunts, torchlight descents, airbags for doing freestyle and activities associated with the businesses at your destination. Plenty of options for getting your children motivated. And if your teenager is going through a phase where they need some thrills, suggest that they try their hand at snowkiting!

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

7 - Play a game to decide who prepares the raclette! 

Holidays are also a time for the parents! Teenagers are old enough to lend a hand with the chores. To spice things up a little, and avoid arguments, take advantage of the long winter evenings to play games for which there are forfeits: washing the dishes, preparing meals or helping with the groceries. The advantage is that normally everyone should get their turn, as long as you change the game regularly. In theory, this should help the loser not to feel so bad.
Naturally, this should be adjusted to suit everyone's preferences, but you can also organise sledge races or do a McTwist competition, virtually (fortunately!)

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers

Either way, the holidays should be fun for you too!

There are times when they won't be very interested, despite all the ideas you come up with.  In this case, one final tip: drop it!  You did a great job as a parent, and sometimes you just have to know when to give up. Otherwise it is your holidays that will suffer. And because sometimes, teenagers are just looking for confrontation, it may be that as soon as you drop it, they decide to accept your proposals.

I hope that, thanks to these few tips, you will enjoy your ski holiday and have some moments with the whole family that will turn into unforgettable memories! If you have any other tips to share, feel free to do so in the comments, the parent community will always be grateful to you.

7 tips for having a great ski holiday with teenagers


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